EQ. Equilibrium. Equality. Emotional Quotient. Extra Qualude. Every Quarter. Early Quiet. What is EQ to you?

Everyone has a voice. And, really, everyone is an expert at something. We want to find out what that means to you and how you express it. EQ is a podcast that explores every corner of the known universe. It’s where we explore the unknown corners too. Through open, honest conversations , your hosts Ben Gebo and Adam Gamwell are two friends on a quest to discover and share the hidden wisdom of everyday life, to share stories with some of the most interesting people living and working around us every day. We sit down with astronomers, hippies, tree faeries, sci-fi nerds, anthropologists, designers, biologists, mothers, engineers, lovers, fighters, and broken people seeking redemption.

We bring you three kinds of episodes:

  1. Researched Conversations: Ben and Adam go deep on a topic like psychedelia or binaural beats or Burning Man, pulling in all sorts of research, experiences, ideas and travel down the rabbit hole.
  2. Expert Interviews: Turns out we know a lot about a few things. But we know little about most things. That’s where you come in. On these episodes, we head out into our city and sometime into the Internet to find some of the most interesting, well-spoken experts about things like astronomy, fractals, m-theory, why there’s more bacteria that aren’t human cells on our bodies than human, and more.
  3. Life as it is: We hang out with friends, fellow citizens, and strangers to get a slice of life as it is. So far we’ve hung out at Somerville Community Access TV to help promote and understand the local arts community, and chatted with friends about why its better to walk nude through the forest.

All of our episodes are raw, often unfiltered and full of the human imagination, spirit, and wonder. Sometimes some knowledge and wisdom gets dropped too – mostly by our guests, we just happen to pick it up 😉

We’re just two guys looking for EQuilibrium in a world multiple frequencies.  We’re driven by the chaos of the curious. Tune in with us, and let’s dive in.

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